Training & Development

Imperative conducts training and development for our clients—focused on building operational expertise for cadres of people doing highly specialized missions.

Effectiveness, usability, sustainability, force readiness

We deliver measurable results that leverage our extensive operational knowledge, proven best practices, and applied resources to build your team for whatever comes next.

Our foundational courses are designed to develop the next generation of intelligence leaders who are conducting critical science and technology missions. From classroom instruction on specific techniques and capabilities to fully immersive field exercises that support practical application in all types of environments. 

Mentors for the real world

At Imperative, we know the importance of mentors who have “been there, done that” when it comes to preparing your team for what’s new and next.

We provide a team of trainers with the know-how to conduct scenario-based role playing. These are people with deep experience in the real-world application of the critical skillsets you need for intelligence mission support.

Our instructors provide realistic feedback on the performance of your trainees, so you know they are ready to do the job right in the field.

Renowned and respected

There are only a handful of people in the country who can provide this type of mission-critical intelligence training and development. You can find them at Imperative.

Our training cadre are “by-name” individuals who have decades of experience at the highest levels of their profession. Now, they are paying it forward by building the next-generation of intelligence leaders who will follow in their footsteps and carry the fight into the future.

We take that mission very seriously.