About Us

When the Mission is Essential…

Imperative’s mission is to enable the defense, intelligence, and diplomatic communities to achieve their critical missions effectively, efficiently, and securely.


…we get it right

With our roots in the intelligence and special ops communities, we truly get the operational sensitivities of the missions we support.

Where we work, we know getting it right is the most important thing. We take that job seriously, and we only hire people who will be good stewards of that momentous responsibility.

…we know what works—and what doesn’t

We combine mission understanding with the right solutions. Ones that work in the real world, not just on a test range. From austere deserts to noisy urban settings to sensitive diplomatic posts.

Because we’re completely product agnostic, we bring unbiased field expertise across a vast array of systems and manufacturers. So, we know how to get the best from all technologies.

…we thrive on the forefront

Our team excels in the fast-paced, ever-changing security environment that is the center of gravity for the defense, intelligence, and diplomatic worlds.

We are adaptive and agile, working on the leading edge to keep you ahead of evolving threats and emerging technologies in a dynamic risk landscape.

…we make the unseen SEEN

When lives are on the line, there’s nothing like being able to make decisions and take action with confidence. The right approach at the right time.

That’s what Imperative brings to the table. Actionable intelligence. Credible recommendations. Trust.

At a Glance

  • Was founded in 2018

  • Delivers C-UAS, critical infrastructure protection, mission support, and training and development to defense, and diplomatic clients around the globe

  • Offers a 100% cleared workforce, most of whom have served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Maintains a talented team with key skills in security systems, countermeasure technologies, UAS and C-UAS operations, secure networking, and intelligence analysis

  • Readily supports deployments to austere and hostile environments

  • Provides small business agility and flexibility, but with a large business infrastructure