Critical Infrastructure Protection

Imperative delivers comprehensive security integration solutions to protect the critical infrastructure of our nation around the world.

As the threat evolves, we’re there

What might have been a secure place a decade ago looks very different today. As technology advances and the threat evolves, it’s imperative for our clients to update their security posture to meet that threat.

Imperative designs systems with the latest technology and security in mind. We work with our clients to ensure that their electronic, physical, technical, and logical security domains meet today’s mission requirements.

We help our clients assess, prioritize, plan, and field resources to mitigate operational hazards and terrorist risks. Our team delivers a full suite of services across the entire CIP lifecycle, including security surveys, system design and engineering, and support installation and maintenance services.

Upgrade, enhance, harden

A technical security upgrade often starts with our expert team of design engineers. We conduct a site survey and vulnerability analysis at critical facility, then design new system to update and modernize existing electronic, physical, technical, and logical security systems.

We design CIP solutions to address the emerging threats and evolving dimensions of each facility’s culture and mission. And we take into account the latest technological developments, including communications and IT security, sensors and cameras, biometrics and access control, intrusion detection, and perimeter security considerations.

Implement and operate — with confidence

Imperative security engineers and technicians are highly experienced and proven in the field. We develop and implement robust, effective full-spectrum security systems to provide 360-degree situational awareness for security personnel.

Our team excels in complex, dynamic security environments, and we have the requisites clearances, accreditations, and industry certifications to support sensitive or classified facility security. We employ a disciplined, methodical approach that readily scales to customer-specific requirements or standards.

Electronic, Physical, Technical, and Logical Capabilities


  • Counter-UAS, C4ISR, and intelligence
  • Design, installation, and sustainment
  • Systems integration
  • Research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E)


  • Sensor networking
  • Cybersecurity


  • Worldwide field engineering
  • Field service support
  • Training and intelligence gathering