Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems

With drones on the rise, Imperative delivers product-agnostic C-UAS solutions and defensive platforms that can jam, control, divert, and knock rogue aircraft out of the sky.

Proven C-UAS track record downrange

Now more than ever, our nation faces an unprecedented threat—both at home and abroad—as our adversaries deploy increasingly inexpensive and readily available unmanned aerial systems.

When you’re in a hostile environment with enemy drones in the air, you need a partner who’s been there before and knows how to mitigate the threat. That’s where Imperative comes in.

We have an unparalleled track record protecting sensitive, fixed-site facilities…at scale. There’s no other product-agnostic C-UAS systems integrator with our depth and diversity of real-world, downrange experience.

The power to see, to know, to act

The technology evolves. The problem sets change. The threat magnifies. No matter what the situation, Imperative delivers timely information for decision makers.

As an all-source intelligence provider, we give our clients exactly what they need to make strategic, operational, and policy decisions with the utmost confidence. We are trusted advisors that support and execute within our clients’ unique mission requirements.

Adaptable, scalable, interoperable, sustainable

Our core strength lies in developing and implementing robust, effective, full-spectrum C-UAS solutions, including:

Threat & Intelligence Analysis

We provide site surveys, vulnerability analysis, and intelligence gathering to counter the developing UAS threat. Our team of dedicated intelligence analysts offers situational awareness on a global scale about how actors are using various UAS technologies and where they’re focusing their threats to help our clients mitigate emerging risks with confidence.

Testing & Integration

Imperative emphasizes the realistic integration of C-UAS technologies into mission operations anywhere in the world. As a vendor-neutral solutions provider, we test and operate C-UAS systems based on our knowledge of what works in the real-world—with consideration for second- and third-order effects. We’re at the forefront of this evolving mission set, from detecting and mitigating new threats…to assessing and leveraging the performance of new systems and technologies…to over-the-shoulder training of operations teams.

C-UAS Field Operations

Imperative is a leader in providing 24/7/365 onsite support to the C-UAS mission in high-threat theaters of operation. Our comprehensive service includes continual watch operations, field maintenance and troubleshooting, continual monitoring for airspace awareness, and mitigating UAS threats in real time. Simply put, we ensure your systems work as intended around the clock.

Full Spectrum C-UAS Capability

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Site surveys
  • Solution architecting
  • Systems design & engineering
  • Product evaluation
  • Training
  • Field deployment and installation
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Range operations and logistics